Raúl González Tello

Creative director of Atomic Weight located at the Riviera Maya Mexico company dedicated to produce shows as a base the fire dance.

He started in 2000 with his cousin Enrique Siqueiros since they were living in Cuernavaca. He is from San Luis Potosi. After that he moved to Playa del Carmen all his family followed. There he trained his nephew Ricardo Daniel since he was 8 years old, cousin Polette, and many more that learn his techniques of fire manipulation also involved his dad Raul, sister Elizabeth, mother of Ricardo, in to the entertainment business. With more than 10 years of experience they are a real fire family. He is the founder of the Flame Master Festival 2012 effort made of his passionate love for fire and his life’s dream is to expand the fire dance as an art of expression and entreatment for everybody.

Currently father of a one year old baby.